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what's the deal with the new person?

  1. hinarei
    no objections to him, exactly, but he's not been on in a while, and we haven't yet tested his gentlemenosity or ecchiological abilities O.o
  2. Yonathen
    lol yeah he's been on the pending list for like months.
    let him join unconsiously. let's see if he shows up soon, otherwise byebye
  3. hinarei
    Patt made a major play of his return a few weeks ago but has now dropped off again. Shame :/
  4. Yonathen
    in that case, should his membership be revoked?
    I vote aye
  5. hinarei
    for now, perhaps, 'til he comes back and proves his ecchiness

    You've got rights to the group, y'know
  6. Yonathen
    Yeah my fault really, didn't really pay attention when checking my notifications
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