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Who's your favourite tan-chan?

  1. hinarei
    Old group, dead group? New discussion!

    who's your favourite anime/manga dark-skinned lovely? The genre is replete with them, and all of the best series have a savage somewhere.

    I've written up why I love tanned girls some time ago, and many of my favourites are in this piece.
  2. Aeris
    Oh crap i forgot her name....I have one but i forgot the name....I will get back to you.
  3. hinarei
    ...that's not good enough! Tan-chans should be indelibly marked on yer mind soon as ya see 'em

    y'know, like, that one girl out of whatever it was called. You know the one I mean.

    Any sort of reference, we can try to whittle 'em down
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