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    Apache Straight
    Quote Originally Posted by False Hope
    Marritsarrugi, don't post in my brigade again unless you've got a point.

    Which, in virtally every post you've made that I've seen, there's been none.

    So don't post at ALL.

    And hinarei does have a point, Silver. He's at least bothered to check-in with the brigade, and he's been the only one to sign the roll-call other than the new recruit, which automatically gives him a hell of a lot more credibility than the others.

    So, though the final decision does rest with me, I'd like to at least give hinarei a chance for being a bit of loyal to the brigade. Therefore, I'd like to hear hinarei's opinion on the matter. I would, normally, just let the brigade be taken up and annexed without discussion, but hinarei, I believe, deserves at least the chance to explain why it wouldn't be in the best interest of the brigade to be annexed.

    This post contains win

    However, glorious leader opposes an annexation. Also, Marritsarugi and cat r fajotis. Cat moreso.

    ALSO: I'm awesome.

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    January 2004
    Well, I guess that settles it. Pity.


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