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View Poll Results: A new leader?

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  • Kioswan

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  • Nodokalover92

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  • Yonathen

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  • No one, i hope Dark Saber comes back

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    Guess who's back Yonathen's Avatar
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    The future of HCLA

    As you all can see, HCLA is fallin.
    And i for one don't want that to happen.
    So we need to have new projects, new active members, new leader etc.

    This is the ranking we have now (i noted the members who are inactive or simply gone):

    The Bookmaster - Dark Saber (GONE)
    Library Guardian - None
    Library Sentinel - Chao (Inactive), Dark Evangel (GONE)
    Library Keeper - Magister Magi Chris (Inactive)
    Library Explorer - Keiranto, Blacksmith (Both Inactive)
    Library Trainee - Yonathen, wolf-kun, fuzileer(Inactive), Nodokalover92, Daichi Makoto (Never seen him to be honest, so i don't know)
    Ermine (Inactive) - Kasu, Tatsu, Hankitty, Full Metal Magister, Cesz-chan, Zhang, Gameover, Derrick Uranagi, baka-takashi, xl3lueazndragonx, negimaaddict, Keisuke, Hi-Tec, NinjaJedi007, MoonRomance, Betong Asna, Fuzzy, KamikazeCommie, Genocide (All Gone or Inactive)
    So as you can see, we only have 4 (active) members (including Kioswan, who wasn't on the list)

    So hereby i have made a poll to decide the new leader, since Enma/Dark Saber has officially left AnimeB (still a shame)
    The ending date is 2 weeks from now, so vote quickly

    I would recommend NODOKALOVER92, because i know he has the skills
    And i'm sure wolf-kun never want to be leader, so i didn't add him to the poll.

    My apologies for making decisions by myself, but someone had to take action.
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    It was your evil twin brother Keisuke who plotted for the Nohidolution! Not you!



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