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    May 2006

    Love Hina Music Brigade

    If they can make a Music brigade, I am making a Love Hina Music brigade

    Goal: To give more information to the members of AnimeB about the wonderful music related to Love Hina

    Album & Songlists (With Artists, and hopefully, composers)
    Lyrics & Translation (If possible)
    AMVs using those songs
    Download Links
    SM/DTX/GDA/BMS Simfiles (Err.. Ignore this.. )

    I have been listening to LH's music for three years now, and I am still enjoying it up to now! There are so much good songs, and I believe that we should have a brigade for LH's Music...

    So come on people! Let's talk about Love Hina Music!

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    January 2009
    I'm feeling left out, I will perform a miracle as well!

    I've started to listen to the Love Hina albums (not all... and they're not even in the right order... Damn Torrents ><) and so I scowered the forums looking for a brigade or topic about it. Here I find this brigade, which seems to have some years put on it. I apply to be second member of said brigade!

    Let's start with a basic listing of the LH albums I know of:

    (Sorry for the crappy titles, this torrent was a horrible one ><)

    - Hinata Girls Song Best 1
    - Hinata Girls Song Best 2
    - I Love Hina
    - Kaitou Gentei CD 'Friendship Single'
    - Love Hina: Again - Kirari Takaramono (Single)
    - Love Hina: Again OST
    - Love Hina OST 1
    - Love Hina OST 2
    - Love Hina: Christmas Special - Silent Eve
    - Love Hina: Spring Special - I Wish Your Dream
    - Mini Album Vol 1 - Naru, Shinobu, and Mitsune
    - Mini Album Vol 2 - Naru, Motoko, and Suu
    - Mini Album Vol 3 - Naru, Mutsume, and Sara

    ^ I'm pretty sure I missed a few. You don't want the listings for these albums from me, this torrent has multiple copies of the same track but with different titles (for example, the LH OST is a merging of OST 1 and 2 and contain MANY copies of Sakura Saku named as the following: Sakura Saku, Main Theme, Love Hina Theme, Naru's Theme, Hinata Theme, you get the point.)

    So with this miracle, I call forth some members and discussors.

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    January 2009

    Must-Have Torrent for This Brigade!

    Another bump, but I have fixed the terrible files I previously had and surfed the web to find the correct names for the tracks as well. I reordered the files and gave them their respective folders as well. I have also taken the liberty of uploading it as a torrent though I find MegaUpload to be of much better use. If you are part of this brigade, go fetch yourself this torrent. I know how many of anti-torrential and bash them, but hey, I made this one so you have nothing to fear except for error messages while downloading since this was also my first torrent ever and I'm not sure I did it 100% correctly.

    The host is Demonoid, so this link may not work for you unless you have an account (but this torrent was uploaded last night by me, so it's still within the freebie period for guest users.



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