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Conversation Between AK and

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  1. Me too. :/ Was hoping for a Candy Girl. Oh well.
  2. I thought you'd get a figurine
  3. Just a postcard with his signature.
  4. Ah I see, sounds neat. Did he give you any freebies ?
  5. Figured so lol. I hardly visit there myself nowadays. But if you really wanna know, Danny Choo came down to Singapore to attend an anime convention (called AFA), so I got to meet him personally.
  6. Its true , i haven't seen anything on his site that makes me want to view it daily
  7. Cool story bro.
  8. I actually don't visit it. Some suggestions usually pop on my google reader, and i clicked and I saw
  9. Come to think of it, I'm surprised that you're another visitor.
  10. or that you posted many pics ?
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