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Conversation Between AK and Katajainen

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  1. Very interesting! Hope to catch you there more often, maybe stumble upon some of your image comments.
  2. I originally joined Danbooru because using their member features seemed like a great way to find out more about visual novel related illustrations posted on AnimeB.

    Then I felt like "paying" for all the valuable info they had given me for free, and started as a "tag gardener", as they put it. Will reach 1,000 tag edits soon, yay! Working on their wiki seemed like a good idea as well. But image uploads... since I do not frequent places like Pixiv, I can only boast fifteen so far.

    My enthusiasm for Tōhō is largely due to the enormous influx of Tōhō images, comics and flash files they have. Out of a mass that huge, it is difficult not to find favorites.
  3. AyKay.

    Yeah, interesting to note that you're an active contributor there, especially for the 'touhou' tag. Thanks for all the uploads! ^_^
  4. Yep, except that you added an extra genitive -n at the end.

    What is your nick there?
  5. Quick question, are you Katajamarjan on danbooru?
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