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Conversation Between Ammaranth and hinarei

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  1. if I get berked like that (though the possibility is less likely than you might think, I've no objection to that) you'll be among the first to know my elation. I'm thinkin' Mana would be a good candidate. Or Liru. She's always after fresh meat. Rally could handle my weapon too... decisions, decisions. Who to fall over first?

    glory to the 442nd! AIVAS NEEDS YOU!

    I look forward to seeing who you come up with ^_^ I'm enjoying RPing (I never thought I would quite so much) but I'm not as into it as others, or as much as I should be to keep the RP going. Also got a few other projects going, the AIVAS RP is more of a side quest
  2. Call me a berk, will you!? I hope you get burked between some tanned cuties flotation devices! And I do intend to join AIVAS. I'm actually working on a character right now, and will post her as soon as I can.
  3. well done, you've posted in the right profile! A berk is an idiot, fool, or plonker. It may even stem from the Japanese baka

    I missed the words "a story on" in that sentence. If you don't skip the words and end up wriiting a story instead, include that description somewhere!

    At last! you've fallen in with the delights of not-pantsu! To the skies!

    remember to join AIVAS...
  4. Argh. I forgot. Too much to do, not enough sleeping. And what on earth is a berk, anyway? Hmm, I certainly wouldn't mind doing a story on Shinobu, though I don't have one planned at the moment. I shall have to look further into this. In the mean time, I'm finally becoming a fan of the Strike Witches. I guess all of the bombardment has finally won me over.
  5. I wondered why I'd not got a reply to my last message to you! You berk! don't reply on your own profile, because it ruins the convo

    snowy mantle? sex... starved... l-luv... kitten...? you going to write that story soon? Will Motoko feature?
  6. I loved Suu-chan's cameo I'd like her more in a camisole, though, so if you're looking for someone to charge into the changing rooms having tried on every racy outfit in the store, I doubt you need look further than Kaolla

    That said, Shinobu's... naughty...
  7. bah, think nothing of it. Being hellishly busy is something I understand all too well. Anyhow, I haven't gotten to making my pro-Mana post either, so no worries! Whenever you do get a chance to look at it, Chapter 3 is now up, and it's the one that features Suu's little cameo. Enjoy!
  8. blast. Don't shatter my dreams, ya git

    Sustained firepower in this 'race' would be quite something... It is definitely weird to think of the gals getting old, but Haruka's shown that getting into your twenties doesn't mean your looks have to go, hm?

    I've not read your story yet, as I've bee hellishly busy. I should have chance tomorrow to read it, sorry ><
  9. Heh, I imagine Mana answering something about having a full clip, and the importance of sustained firepower But I mean Kaolla no slight. It is strange, though, to think of the Hina girls as getting old. Have you read the story yet?
  10. Kaolla's no elder She's as young as she ever was!

    Kaolla will challenge Mana's place in your affections with a race. Whoever comes first, loses!
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