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    if I get berked like that (though the possibility is less likely than you might think, I've no objection to that) you'll be among the first to know my elation. I'm thinkin' Mana would be a good candidate. Or Liru. She's always after fresh meat. Rally could handle my weapon too... decisions, decisions. Who to fall over first?

    glory to the 442nd! AIVAS NEEDS YOU!

    I look forward to seeing who you come up with ^_^ I'm enjoying RPing (I never thought I would quite so much) but I'm not as into it as others, or as much as I should be to keep the RP going. Also got a few other projects going, the AIVAS RP is more of a side quest
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    well done, you've posted in the right profile! A berk is an idiot, fool, or plonker. It may even stem from the Japanese baka

    I missed the words "a story on" in that sentence. If you don't skip the words and end up wriiting a story instead, include that description somewhere!

    At last! you've fallen in with the delights of not-pantsu! To the skies!

    remember to join AIVAS...
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    I wondered why I'd not got a reply to my last message to you! You berk! don't reply on your own profile, because it ruins the convo

    snowy mantle? sex... starved... l-luv... kitten...? you going to write that story soon? Will Motoko feature?
  4. It's always the quiet ones. Beneath the snowy mantle of Shinobu's chest there pounds the heart of a sex starved luv kitten
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    I loved Suu-chan's cameo I'd like her more in a camisole, though, so if you're looking for someone to charge into the changing rooms having tried on every racy outfit in the store, I doubt you need look further than Kaolla

    That said, Shinobu's... naughty...
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    blast. Don't shatter my dreams, ya git

    Sustained firepower in this 'race' would be quite something... It is definitely weird to think of the gals getting old, but Haruka's shown that getting into your twenties doesn't mean your looks have to go, hm?

    I've not read your story yet, as I've bee hellishly busy. I should have chance tomorrow to read it, sorry ><
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    Kaolla's no elder She's as young as she ever was!

    Kaolla will challenge Mana's place in your affections with a race. Whoever comes first, loses!
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    you should state that in the poll. Even if you are an interloper in the Brigade (and should be hotwaxed as such), we value your opinion. Of course, before we let you through the door you should be taste-tested

    I'll get to read your fic over the weekend. I gather there's not a whole book yet, so I reckon I can get back to you shortly.
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    Um... *cough* I have watched four "Strike Witches" TV anime episodes online. Most of it is bullshit. Fan service more awkward than in Negima, stories clumsily put together of stock clichés. I am not telling you to run if you see a "Strike Witches" DVD, but cannot really recommend spending your time on it either.

    That said, I like WW II aircraft, love several "Strike Witches" character designs, and find these maps really fascinating. When I learned that Hinarei had similar feelings, I could not resist doing a joint project with him, creating numerous details for the alternate universe -- stuff we could not find online. Currently I am involved in a related RPing adventure, gamemastered by T0k0l0v3r.

    The thread featuring most of the materials and discussions is called "Recruiting an AnimeB Strike Witches Force".


    I promise I will check out your Motoko fic. Not setting a deadline, though.
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    Hoom. Sub-creation, as old man Tolkien used to call it, has been my thing since I was at comprehensive school, and one of the main reasons I was so fascinated by board RPGs in the nineties. I was not "inspired" to ask those questions; more like, they are a key part of my personality.

    Oh, what inspired me to ask that question aloud, and here? Pretty much Hinarei's influence, and yours. Realizing that at least you two have got what it takes -- with the possible exception of enough spare time. So I wanted to map the situation further.

    Have you ever taken a look at our work on the fictional Europe of "Strike Witches"?
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Love Hina, Negima, Inuyasha
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Tanned Cuties of the World Unite!

by Ammaranth on 8 May 2010 at 1:25 am
The other day, I chanced upon a Shelf Life review of Strike Witches, which has become my newest favorite series with a blazing speed Shirley Yeager would approve of. (Many other things about Shirley are blazing, such as her dakimakura, which I have already been using to twist my friend's arm into becoming a fan of the show. I didn't have to twist very far)

Shelf Life, written by Erin Finnegan, is a witty op/ed type column, and a very entertaining read, so I'm more inclined to chuckle

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The Times They Are A Changin'

by Ammaranth on 29 Apr 2010 at 1:10 am
I've come to the conclusion that sometimes in life, the things that we do that end up meaning the most to us are little things -- ones that we don't even realize that we're DOING at the time.

For the last several nights, I've been listening to Dylan on the way home in the car, basking in the fact that I FINALLY got around to burning a new cd -- it only took me four months to get to it -- and YES, I still listen to cds in the car, not caring for radio, and not quite ready for the

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