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Conversation Between Arii Maehara and Aeris

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  1. Good to see you again. I missed our fun.
  2. space, between nirendra 3 and q'onos
  3. Where are you!
  4. I have a question about Jason though. Since he is newly on the bad guy side. Is it possible to "save" him? Cause I could work a Ghost world dream squence thing that has to do with his brother.
  5. Zac has posted and the day has moved forward
  6. what did you mean by jason doesnt understand me? as in Macy or me?
  7. Zac Says he will post but hes hurt in real life. So I want us to wait for him because Marcys return to the living is important.

    I think the only reason im asking yall to wait is that josun made an interaction with Xavier so our time has to match. if it was seperate till latater thas away from rish
  8. okiedai
  9. No day pOgression! Yet
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