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Conversation Between Arii Maehara and Aoshi Shinomori

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  1. Oh... I thought you meant Balmung... No I was talking to Josun about the Pirate one.. I dont claim to own anything that I dont.
  2. Ok then, that means when you told him to come join your new rp and you were referring to the Marvel one and that is wrong cause its not your rp its mine.

    don't clam it as yours i made it up.
  3. I was talking to him about the Marvel RP.. Anyway. Yeah.. I know about the same city. O.o
  4. yes can be in same city just no killing marcy

    when i asked you what new rp i mean when you you asked ryo i think to join your rp i wanted to know which rp.

  5. What new RP? the pirate one? Thats been around for a while.
  6. Whats your new rp?
  7. Arii, My guy can be in the same town as your character right?
  8. Go listen to the radio... Interview time XD
  9. Theres gonna be a funny song on the radio in a couple mins if you wanna listen
  10. K
    whatever you think is best
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