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Conversation Between Arii Maehara and Josun

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  1. hello you

    I am in art school now.

    Im good and from your question a year ago in october I have heard of the longest journey and have played Dreamfall
  2. Oi!! Tis an Arii ^_^

    hows is yous?
  3. I've played both
  4. Yep!!

    Without a doubt, you have essentially hit the nail on the head.

    By any chance, Are you familiar with the Games "The Longest Journey" or "Dreamfall: The longest Journey"
  5. So earth is tech based? and Gaia is magic based?
  6. two different ideas but i just stick with watching for now.

    While Zac is out getting his comp fixed or back, Im gonna post story moments for my second character Julia Bellanova
  7. Did you mean to write magic scribe, or is Viera Spell Blade the exact same thing?
  8. Welcome to MY rp josun ^_^. I have plans for Marcy don't kill her.
  9. Josun....right know Melody cant emotially take another death in her life. Ill change the post and i need her master to live for some time. Shes lost her parents due to an accident she caused and and someone tried to abduct her and or rape her and now she has her master as a father like figure.
  10. Taris

    Note: your characters master will probally edn up dying sometime soon after the Endar Spire group crash lands

    By the way, you may wanto to slightly edit your posts. Taris is under sith occupation, which means a lightsaber fight would draw their attention, and it wouldnt be long before your master is on Malaks flagship.
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