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Conversation Between Balmung and Josun

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  1. Yeaaaaah. Well not too much. But I get the gist of them.
  2. Done

    Wonder how much you know about the Jensaarai...^_^
  3. You should probably just start a thread
  4. So should we start an OOC to set any terms/limits, or should we just dicuss it here?

    Or should I just start a duel thread ^_^
  5. Hmm, I don't mind trying again really.

    Whatever you'd like I suppose.
  6. Hey Bal, any chance you'd be interested in a Force duel thread? I read your duel with Tyroki, though was dissapointed to find that it wasn't finished.

    I think youd be a great opponent, and I'd probally learn how to RP better (especially when it comes to battles) and you could even use Phellio.
  7. Do ya think you could change the name of the thread Koyukis' Revenge Rp OOC to just "Revenge RP"?
  8. lock several of the rps here up? The Love Hina Rp and OOC, The American Civil War OOC and RP, and the star wars and star trek RP and OOC as well. And do you think you could delete my Sealisia or whatever its called RP OOC in the OOC subforum?
  9. I would ask that you not post such vulgar things on my profile and watch yourself :/ I don't need messengers, Nani is big enough to tell me himself.

    Sorry if that sounded harsh
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