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Conversation Between CalRhi and Hyuga Neji

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  1. About his movies n' stuff.......
  2. o.0

    You....talked to him? epic!!!

    What about?

    It was a great film. one of the best ive seen in a while.
  3. YES. Finally. How was it?

    BTW, talked to Vaz Andreas yesterday night. Cellphone.
    Full 6 minutes and 33 seconds! <33333
  4. Hey cal.

    I watched public enemies today.
  5. Silly Cal. You should just get Toko to make you one. She's good at it, and she's your slave, aparently.
  6. Directed Hillside Cannibals. <3
  7. :O

    Who is this Leigh scott?
  8. Just a little sumthin':
    Leigh Scott > Wes Craven.
  9. Like a bunch of random words.

    Or that sentance right there. ;P
  10. Like.......? ^^
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