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Conversation Between CalRhi and MetalLark

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  1. Waaaaaah, I missed you~
  2. *shakes head.
  3. Wait, if Callum and Rhian are siblings, and they have kids, that makes the kids their children AND younger siblings, right?

    But what if the kids have kids of their own? D: Ahahaha.

    Just thought of all that.
  4. Suularuin has blond hair, she was born with it, never gets darker or lighter as she grows.....
  5. Interesting, very interestin indeed.
  6. Magnus jr - Ptosis (droopy eyelid, left eye)
    Llywellen - ADD/bony protusion in right wrist, weak ankles
    Connla and Grainne - Phyoria, Mosaic Identical Twins (hardly talk)
    Deirdre - Autisic (insanely smart, though.....)
    Mordred - Schizophernia
    Suularuin - Psychosis with a dash of Elektra Complex.....ladida~
  7. Oh! Know I get it.....
  8. no, the kid thing! You will name her/ him Lark and he/ she will get a PhD in human or animal anatomy and you will refer to him/ her as Dr. Lark and you will love it and thus think of me when you even mention your kid and how much of a winner they are.
  9. What's forbidden? The BF thing again?
  10. Cal no! It's forbidden! =O
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