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Conversation Between CalRhi and tainted violets

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  1. I've seen the movie and the final showing of Rent on the movie screen. I have a character for HP....ya.....>.>
  2. Yay! You seem nice enough. And I don't want to flood your shiney brand-new thread with ramblings about broadway.

    So. Have you actually seen Rent, or have you just seen the movie?

    Also, HP = love (it was my first fandom).

    Taye ad Idia are so cute together...but I still like the thought of Gelphie. It's definately implyed in the book, and...there are places in the musical, too.
  3. Yay! New friend!
  4. Musicals are so amazing. And so is Negima. And and and...yes. You're awesome. The end.
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