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Conversation Between CalRhi and tainted violets

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  1. Wooooohooo.
  2. Verizon! YES. I'll pm you my number~
  3. Verizon with unlimited txting. <3
    I thank my Grandma~ ^^
  4. HAY. What phone service do you have? Texting you sounds like fun.
  5. I'm very sesitive.......In Elementry school they called me handicappsed and retarded! *whimper*
  6. Loser! Go make on right now!
  7. I always plan on making one, but I keep forgetting!
  8. I keep wondering...why don't you have a signature?
  9. Yeah, in Chess his hair was shorter.
  10. You get used to it.

    My mom was complaining about how Adam Pascal had short hair, too, but I had no issue with it.
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