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Conversation Between Chao and AK

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  1. Beh, good-for-nothing army. University is so much better than being a pawn in a cycle of wars...
  2. A little out-of-topic, but I just dropped by your profile page, and under 'recent visitors' I saw this message: "This page has had 1,337 visits".

    \(^_^ )/
  3. Heh, that's great to hear. I just turned 19 a month ago, but a month later I'm looking to enlist in my country's army for two years. I've completed high school, university will only come after my tour in the army.

    So, still playing basketball and everything?
  4. Yeah. I'm enjoying it. You?
  5. That's nice to hear. So you're doing university right now?
  6. Me's as always. Life is going smoothly.
  7. How are you doing old friend?
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