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Conversation Between Dcmac and hinarei

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  1. yain't a noob, matey. You're part of the furniture here now, and thanks for sticking by the place. Shame we don't have more sofas and credenzas, but we're still about for those who want a chin-wag now and then.
  2. Ello Hina, how are things? I was clicking around until I realized it's been 8 months since I last left a message! Time just flew by it seems, I still feel like such a newb.
  3. today, y'mean? Well done, I'm sure you're relieved you've managed to fill the orders! Try not to leave it to the last minute next year, matey. You'll feel much better for it!

    I'm so full I'm fit to burst Yes, it's fair to say I've enjoyed me day. I always eat my fill and cherish every bite
  4. Oh I managed pretty well for it being the 23rd and all. I usually don't wait this long but this year I just couldn't get myself motoring.

    I am prepared however, to stuff my stomach full of food tomorrow.
  5. 's 23rd now! Get going! All you'll be able to find people is dead flowers from service stations! That's the way I've usually done things too but this year I went online in earnest and got most of my presents sorted by late November Yoosh!

    ah... I've not put any decorations up O_o Fark. That doesn't matter too much because I'm going home for Christmas and my Mum always over-decorates all the stuffed toys have come down from the loft, all the little reindeer have been dotted around and the ghastly singing snowmen have been unearthed from wherever it was I thought I hid them from last year

    it's still pretty fun even though its not as busy, matey Lots of history stuffs on the wiki, though that's just plain words in most cases. Nowhere near the activity of places like 4chan, obviously, but most of us managed about 30 posts a day in them days when LH was still new and vigorous I got up to 150 posts a day at one point. But that's just me and I am a spammer
  6. Like a true procrastinator I'm saving the rest of my Christmas shopping until the 23rd.

    I just put up the tree yesterday and I'll be putting up a few stockings. My family doesn't really decorate a whole ton because we're never at home on Christmas day anyways. :/

    I feel like I missed out, from all the talks it seems like this place was pretty fun in it's heyday.
  7. I don't mind if people don't post every day, so long as they don't forget the place. I really want to regenerate this place and get it swinging again, but my efforts so far haven't proved enough to keep the regulars here, let alone entice new folk.

    I am done with Christmassy stuff now! Just got to wrap it all :/

    ...hell, no, I've still got to write my cards >_<
  8. Haha, as you can see, I have a lack of AnimeB wall message experience.

    Well I don't have much going on right now. Christmas is taking all of my time when I'm not working, I haven't even really gotten around to shopping yet. A part of me will be happy when the huge holiday rush is over. :/

    The B, right. This place seems a little more down than usual, I guess everybody's busy, either that or they've given up?
  9. well, not so bad, I suppose. Mustn't grumble Could do with a few more folk to talk to on here, but the handful that are stopping by ain't that bad

    Work's okay, house is okay, generally online life is a bit slow, and I've yet to get half the things I need to for Christmas. And that's not even including presents >_<

    ...see, now that's how to answer the question
  10. Things are good! No complaints.

    How are things goin' for hina?
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