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Conversation Between Dr.Dizzy and Hellkite

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  1. Hello dear =)
    lol, sorry, i was so stupid and so on in the past...but before i leave you, i must tell you one thing. you said i need time? i had some months time now..and i found my girlfriend in hokkaido and marry her next year. and we fit together perfectly, and she is a vergin, and very smart, so i say good bye and take care, and wish you a good life then =) sayounara
  2. hello, how are you? long time no see lol. what are you doing so?
  3. hitomi...quite a surprise to see you here again. i am happy you are back. i missed you. just as a friend, you know.
    i have my own girlfriend now. many things changed for sakura and me since you were gone. how did your life change? i hope just in a good way.
  4. i thank you for all this. even, if i did not make it in 9 years, i will still be able to watch you with god keitaro from the sky. and if you still want to learn german, lets do this on youtube, if you still want or per emails. you decide.
  5. i will go on praying for you, and your fater now, that you shall be happy, longer than the eternity!
  6. hello. its me, Reza Tahmasebi. how are you?
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