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Conversation Between Dr.Dizzy and Josun

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  1. I may have to sit that one out actually, I dislike star trek with a passion. not sure why, I just hate it.
  2. interesting... I may have a solution.

    Im gonna try a Star Trek RPG based of the New Alternate Reality we have.
  3. I'm bored. entertain me
  4. I see, I see.

    Well, I be honest the AU thing was a bit far out, but hey, whatever you want to do
  5. Ello Nameless.

    I am considering cutting and ending the AU portion of our LH RP. Instead, were going to think of soemting else.

    The cut will occur right at my post that sends Josun into the AU.
  6. Regular universe Lirik. She has not transferred over yet, remember? And there is not an AU Hitomi(yet at least), because the events of her life would have been different, and she would not have arrived on earth in the first place.

    And what is that RP about?
  7. Your post in the LH RP confuses me slightly. Is hitomi in the AU, or RU (alternate universe or regular universe.)

    Coincidently, wanna join the Nations 2010 rp?
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