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Conversation Between Drakeflyte and hinarei

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  1. I never knew you took the quizzes! think you missed the first one, but a reasonable score on my fiendish quizlets, oh 'nanaDrake
  2. why'd you put Speak like a Pirate Day on the 28th September? it's on tbe 19th!
  3. yuh

    well, I can't order people to stay here if they dont want to, drakey, but I'd hope they would
  4. That an order sir...?
    I will stick around, try and stimulate some activity if i can
  5. you need to stick around more, matey You may only be seeing a traditional summer lull, and I hope we're not getting in serious problems
  6. *munches nana*
    Cheers I'm trying to be around here more, but the majority of people are either gone or never online either... Tis very sad ...
  7. [action=hinarei]hands Drake the "I'm not on here much any more" 'nana:[/action]

    How ya be, drakey?
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