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Conversation Between Ederius and hinarei

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  1. owl! what's your MSN? PM if you don't want it on your profile
  2. maybe feels like it, but it was finished in mid-April

    Well... We run awards in quarters, don't we? End of June's your next quarter Usually thread is started somewhere towards the end of the last month of the quarter and results collected and announced early the start of the next quarter, as I'm sure you're aware.

    So... no urging to create a thread, just a timely reminder. In case you'd forgotten
  3. Already? It feels like the last ones were only a month ago!
    I guess I should make a thread then?
  4. are you planning on getting some awards going end of the month?
  5. check yer inbox trying to start using MSN again, so got a new addy save getting swamped every time I'm on


    *hinarei snaffles 'nana
  6. Hey you! I just realized I don't still don't have your msn wanna trade it for a ?
  7. you reckon you will be, or would you reckon you'd leave much of it to yer mate? Once the fluff's off the chicks, then you can teach 'em flying and hunting

  8. I ain't no caring parent (yet)!
    pretty funny though
  9. is life a hoot for the owl, or is it srsly bad, orly somewhere in between?
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