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Conversation Between Ederius and Shinobu Angel

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  1. v See? People miss you! AnimeB only have one flying Dutchman, after-all.
  2. Also! You gotta pester people more... Be more annoying. A modest approach was my mistake when I hosted the Q1, so it is better to keep bugging people or reminding them if you can. I think some are even unaware that the Q2 is on..
  3. O.K! I voted! I'll be leaving for a few days, activity unsure, so I thought I'd vote now so I don't miss the due date.
  4. Psst. Hey, Clemens, I am thinking of giving you and Silas Christmas cards..That is, if you would like one? I bought some yesterday..
  5. I've found out that... I prefer AnimeB to all other forums. It feels more homey here, haha. I am used to this place for soo long. It's weird going to other forums. I think I'm gonna drop them and just stay here.
  6. Hallo Clemens!
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