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Conversation Between God Keitaro and Josun

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  1. Make Sure You Rea Dmy Post All The Way In Sad, But Return!!


    Make Sure You Read Post All The Way Through, And Think On It Carefulyl Before Posting!!
  2. Well, when and if your good brother Reza decides to take over, ill help him through.

    Same goes for if its one of your other friends.

    Rest in peace...
  3. Simply go to my profile, and go to social groups
  4. yes, why not! and, sorry, i forgot that the profile picture and the avatars place are swapped now! sorry, just like i mentioned once: I am a real fool, concerning technique! hahaha! just tell me how i can join the group and i will!
  5. Thats not my avatar. Thats my Profile pic (like the one at the top of your profile [hint hint]

    Oh, an dyou may join my social group, the almighty alliance of original characters.
  6. hahaha! the chapter 8 was very cool and funny! i liked and Sakura too thanks! and your new avatar is cool too!
  7. Ahhhh... Nice profile pic. If you could fiind a pic or Naru and Keitaro getting married thatd be even better!! Still nice though
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