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Conversation Between Godess Naru and RDKnightZac

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  1. oj. thats sweet^^
    i have to do lots of works for a shop, and maybe, open a shop in vienna. this would be best.
    as here the people are very interested in persian and japanese culture, i could open a culture shop.
  2. Thanks for the complement. As for my weekend...I'll more than likely end up doing what I do most every other weekend, Relax, catch up on my gaming, and hang around here. May I ask what your plans are?
  3. Thanks. You are really great. I am happy we all 3 are good friends. What are you doing on the week end?
  4. I'm glad he's happy now, but don't think that your happiness is over, no, your's is just beginning.

    *Gives Sakura a knowing wink*
  5. yes. and he got a mail from ai again. you should have seen him. he was very happy. very cute. hihihihihi
    i like ai too. she is very nice, and smart. i hope he and ai will be happy as i was once.
  6. I know it now, But anyways, Its good to hear everything's back up and working for you and Kite.
  7. he reinstalled firefox 3.0 again, and it works now again.
    he already asked ai, but she denied, as she is busy, and has no pc. she has a cell phone. you know this?
  8. Google isn't working! It's the end of the world! (j/k)

    Seriously though, google not working is rather odd, I've never seen it happen personally.

    Maybe its the internet connection? Try reseting it, that might work, or Kite could always convince Ai to join his fourm.
  9. i hope your stomach is fine again. reza also had stmach ache. but it was not because he ate something bad. you shall know, google does not work somehow, and also not his mail account. so, he cannot mail ai, and this made him feel so bad, that he got stomach ache. cant these stupid fools make google only work without problems? i do not understand. it hurts me seeinh him suffer so much, as i am by his side now, and tell him that everything will be ok again. but i do not know what to do. have you any suggestions?
  10. I'm fine, my stomach hurt a little this morning, but that's passed. As of right now I'm just relaxing and trying to rest up a bit after work, working at a Diner is fun, but tough at the same time.
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