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Conversation Between Katajainen and hinarei

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  1. well, needs must, Kataja we weren't getting people in on the contest, so I wanted an unobtrusive way of putting it out to people.

    no problem, and I hope you have fun finding entries
  2. Thanks for calling me to take part in the Fall Fashion Parade! I would not have paid attention otherwise, not in these days.
  3. thanks for the rep-up, Kata searching for a tasteful pic to go with that 'bra-wars' quote was quite a challenge
  4. okay then, you did put up an announcement, so people should notice, I hope

    Sorry for cutting back your mod domain, but I hope the merge works out Good luck, and more cooking!
  5. Yea, I noticed the merge at a bad moment. Wanted to celebrate it with a new thread worthy of the occasion, but had to hurry because my brother wanted to watch some "Lain" with me.
  6. you saw the merge then?
  7. I take your point My FAQ just explained what to do once you got there. Sorry
  8. Hinaman, I had taken a look at your poll help before asking on the box. As far as I could see, the help did not mention anything about getting started. I was really confused when I could preview the thread and there was still no trace of the poll. I am too used to the YaBB SE interface, that is all.
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