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Conversation Between Katajainen and hinarei

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  1. I'll do my best!

    Got caught up in work over the weekend, and mad tidying and shopping and decorating the last couple days of the week had left me without the energy to post here. Apologies for the lull in your hina services :/
  2. Sup Aitchray, no time to do projects? Just drop by and post a few witty comments to cheer Crono up.
  3. thank you kindly. I suspected, since things felt a littul slow for me today :/ I'll clear that up.
  4. You have accidentally double-posted in the "Strike Witches" thread.
  5. Sorry I've not yet replied to your post concerning Pepperland. I'll do so when I've got s few minutes where I'm not astronomically distracted or tired (or both in equal measure )
  6. thank you Might be a tad huge for a forum sig, but it does the job. Does not look like a place I'd enjoy spending my time, that one :/

    Mr. A don't like my sig. LOL. Taters gonna tate
  7. Does that mean you like it? ^_^

    I had a larger version at one point but can only find a thumbnail. Might serve as an avatar, but not strictly sig-worthy. It'll do
  8. I see your new sig image!!
  9. such quality ingredients must make for delicious cake Nice rhyme.

    ...sure you wouldn't mind being whisked away by Patchouli, hm?
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