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Conversation Between Katajainen and hinarei

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  1. Oh, I see you have been studying it, too.
  2. cinnamon, ginger.... sweets... 'nanas.

    sugar and spice and everything nice, THAT'S what.
  3. I like the sound of that. Might even get me venturing outside, weather like that Don't like the idea of being indoors and stifling, but inside with an air-conditioner would be miles better

    Chilled mineral water is lovely. I spent yesterday evening outside in my garden with cold Irn Bru and ice cubes (from the ice compartment of my new fridge. Didn't even know it was there )
  4. There was no need for chilled mineral water yesterday. I was reminded of the reality of Finnish summers. The night had been stifling even outdoors with barely any wind at all (2 m/s), and this house is of a type that absorbs heat. But by the time I made it to the park after 6 p.m., the weather had changed. It was still pretty nice, just so windy that if even a small cloud covered the sun, I felt cold sitting on my towel and reading.
  5. yessir yessir! I'm sorry, I'll try and clear that for you today
  6. Come on, get that PM of 23rd June answered, so we can get rid of parallel discussions.
  7. yeps, will do been fidgeting with other stuff and whatnot, but I'll have a looksee through my comments in a minute

    ...not ignoring you, don't worry
  8. Yo! Please try to answer to my comment at PotW 5.
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