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Conversation Between Katajainen and Naruisdabest

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  1. It's interesting to see how the concept of brigades has evolved so much during the years... getting subforums and everything, it really shows it became a typical trait of the forum.

    I just finished posting on that thread with a few things I remember of, if anything feel free to ask
  2. Mind you, even if the great days are long gone now, the brigades played a major role in AnimeB history for years. Just ask Hinarei if you have been away for too long. All due respect to the originators!
  3. Hyvää huomenta Katz!

    Haha, that's not exactly worth boasting, or is it? =)

    Sure I will give it a look, and see if I can add something, I can't remember everything about those times though, it happened like...6 years ago
  4. Buon giorno, signor Paladin!

    I see you have boasted to Shinobu Angel that you were among the people who invented the LHF brigades.

    If so, may I request that you read carefully the following thread and add as much relevant information from your point of view as possible?


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