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    *DAY 30* - I have been trekking back through Yanimebi very slowly, travelling mostly at night and not making much progress because I am not at all prepared for another confrontation with the Neuroi that shot me down. Keeping Mebi-san in sight has been my only reference point, as I'm so new to the island. Hope I see something I recognise soon. Hope my messages got through.
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    If we are unable to properly source things then that's a shame, but it won't be for want of trying I've always loved thread-digging, and some things, particularly in the NBB picture thread may well be darn tough to track. I went through a phase where most everything I posted was off 2kochan. As the posts aged out I've totally lost the images and only have my own vague descriptions to go by

    wondering whether to post a "good pic" I remember but which wasn't necessarily noted as a 'Classic'...
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    I've no problem doing that I want to archive the "Classics Collection" and collate the best images in the history of the Brigade Some of this art that's left an impression is phenomenal, deserves its place in history and I'd love to host it, provided we source it correctly. I doubt I'd receive stuff from you without a chance of sourcing it

    Does the NBB warrant a site of its own, or are you happy to have it all on FMS?

    Please share your finds as soon as you have time I'm agog to see anything you find fascinating!
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    Thanks Kata. I'm glad I can still give you cause to respond from time to time

    London was a city heavily involved in the time period SW references, and the series even went as far as to state that a particular Neuroi attack was destined for it. I'm not sure if the city actually produced any aces itself though, and that's the thing we need to be clear of Even if we can't find specifics, surely Lynette would know someone from the place. Britannien Michiko, anyone?
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    hey, Kata! got a minute to chat? :"D
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    I'll do my best!

    Got caught up in work over the weekend, and mad tidying and shopping and decorating the last couple days of the week had left me without the energy to post here. Apologies for the lull in your hina services :/
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    thank you kindly. I suspected, since things felt a littul slow for me today :/ I'll clear that up.
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    Sorry I've not yet replied to your post concerning Pepperland. I'll do so when I've got s few minutes where I'm not astronomically distracted or tired (or both in equal measure )
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    thank you Might be a tad huge for a forum sig, but it does the job. Does not look like a place I'd enjoy spending my time, that one :/

    Mr. A don't like my sig. LOL. Taters gonna tate
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    Does that mean you like it? ^_^

    I had a larger version at one point but can only find a thumbnail. Might serve as an avatar, but not strictly sig-worthy. It'll do
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by Katajainen on 5 Dec 2017 at 3:19 pm
The evening was rainy and cold. Morio Sekigawa had just missed a bus after a long day.

After having entered, Morio smiled and took a deep breath. This little inn was not very far from his current workplace, but in a direction where he did not usually venture. This was his first time inside, and boy, he could feel the pleasure of grabbing a hot drink in advance!

He bought his drink at the counter and went on looking for a place to sit down. There were not so many customers,

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by Katajainen on 3 Jan 2014 at 11:03 pm
Does anyone remember who I am?

Recommended background music: "Last Train to Trancentral" by The KLF and "What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 2)" by DJ Shadow.

Does Juniper the Justified Ancient ring any bell? Right now I am feeling a little more ancient than back then, but not nearly as justified. Not on AnimeB, anyway.

A year and a half ago, I announced my plan to save "Juniper Berries III" by simplifying it. None of it

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Updated 4 Jan 2014 at 12:03 am by Katajainen



by Katajainen on 4 Jul 2012 at 3:53 pm
I have had very little time for discussion forum activities lately, here or elsewhere. This sucks, because I had really gotten used to listing and reviewing comics I had read (and for a number of other reasons, but I would love to stay on topic here). My next attempt is to revive the listings in a compressed form, using the ratings system I created for a similar purpose in October 2008 (AnimeB: "List All the Manga You Have Read"). It goes like this:

E - epic
C - captivating

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I Need to Return Them

by Katajainen on 22 May 2012 at 1:33 am
Today I finally took the time to finish reading "Mämmilä: Kiinalainen juttu. Sarjakuvia Suomesta" by Tarmo Koivisto (ISBN 978-951-1-22917-9). I am afraid the comic is not available in English except for some short exemplary passages, such as "Room for Youth" (included in "Finnish comics annual. 2012", ISBN 978-952-5724-41-7, a compilation I only know by reputation).

"Mämmilä" (original run from 1976 through 1996, plus one album in 2002 and the

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Miscellanea 2012

by Katajainen on 12 Jan 2012 at 11:48 am
Last night I watched "Gelato (Ice Cream)", the sixth episode of the first season of the "Gunslinger Girl" anime. GG is one of the best Japanese animated series I have seen so far: slow-paced when it comes to plot, but amazingly atmosphere-intensive.

On the 29th of December last year, I bought a few used comics albums, including the three volumes of "Le Monde d'Edena" by Moebius that were translated into Finnish as "Moebius: Jean Giraudin kootut fantasiat"

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