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Conversation Between Kioswan and

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  1. Well I don't really have a reason, let alone a good one. It just wasn't something I preferred.
  2. How come?
  3. I've always disliked FMA.
  4. i think other groups besides coalguys already finished it too. K-On's pretty good so far, so is saki and higashi no eden and of course, fma
  5. No, I still having watched past episode 11 or wherever I stopped. I've been busy with some schoolwork, and other anime like Ichigo Mashimaro Encore and whatnot. and I have downloaded K-on, but haven't watched it yet.
  6. Did you ever finish watching toradora?
  7. watch toradora 12! now1 aznhomboi
  8. va-ni-ra sa-ru-to de va-ni-ra..... amaaaiiiiiiiii dake nara. Saruuuuuuutooooooo kakemashou....
  9. Euayeh ?
  10. Euayeh, where art thou
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