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Conversation Between Kioswan and rensu99

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  1. It's just not all that fun to come here anymore, especially when people don't keep spoilers to themselves. Yeah, a lot of people don't follow that rule. Also a lot of the user base just has a lack of anything interesting in general. AT LEAST IT ISN'T AS BAD AS FACEPUNCH THOUGH, but it's not that great either.
  2. May I ask you what was the 'ehhh' possibly be?
    Seems things are pretty much getting gloomier than they were before.
  3. I'm just chilling around the the town square really. Hanging out on MSN for the most part. Not been coming around here too much, due to it being filled with ehhh....
  4. Myuu~n
    Where are you now, Kio-san? =(
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