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Conversation Between Kyiona and hinarei

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  1. [action=hinarei]huggles Aki-chan[/action]

    you do need to get on more, my dear Akipuppy Thanks for popping by
  2. Omg hinaaaaaa
  3. ^.^ I do too. I have really missed this place.
  4. good. I look forward to it
  5. I am going to try to be around more ^.^
  6. missed you to, me dear

    You going to be around a bit more, y'reckon?

    [action=hinarei]scritches behind Aki's ears[/action]
  7. *clings to Hina and Nuzzles him softly* I missed you ^_^!
  8. Aki-chaaaaaaaaaaan!

    [action=hinarei]glomps the return of Aki[/action]
  9. Hello Hina ^^ *hugs tight*
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