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Conversation Between Kyiona and Josun

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  1. HAHAHAH Yes!! That video!! Its so hilarious I was dying of laughter when I saw it.
  2. what, Oxhorns short short video known as Roflmao?
  3. LMAO OMFG You seen that video too? XD !
  4. ^_^ roflmao lol wtg uber l33t hack :3
  5. ^_^ I know who you are! I never forget my friends!!!
  6. Ish josun, was lirik, now darkness (kuragari is darkness in japanese)
  7. Omg hiya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^_^!!!
  8. AKI!!!!!!

  9. Hi Aki, its me, Josun, aka Cain. I was wodnering how you were doing, and wanted to know if you wanted to chat about anything?
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