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Conversation Between LonelyLittleAngel and Legendary Girl A

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  1. eww i have those extra important exams in january and then in may. They suck so much cuz they are super long and boring so you get really sleepy while doing them. I fell asleep 20mins into it when i was taking my government exam. lol
  2. well it's similar for me i guess my last year of high school! Tons of homework just like you and to top it off~ a extra important exam during november to december
  3. Oh that sucks! Well i'm busy too so i barely come here. It's my last year of high school so i'm packed with hw and tons of other stuff to do. How's it going with you though? How's school and life in general?
  4. okok~ i'm back but~ it's sad how I have to use my bro's comp just to surf the net since my comp can't do it properly T^T
  5. Where r ya legend?? Come back!! I miss u!
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