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Conversation Between LonelyLittleAngel and MetalLark

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  1. I graduated June 12th. It feels so weird to be out of high school.
  2. Hey, Senior year? very sucky time in my opinion. I graduated this year. 05-25-2009. I now have my High School diploma and everything.
  3. oh sry...i've been very busy with school. it's my senior year but now it's finally over so i'll be on here a lot more. Whats been happening with you?
  4. hey hey hey!!!! whats up woman?! I haven't seen you on for a while, whats been happening?
  5. Haha, nice. Thats basically what I do too! lol
  6. i talk to people...and post on the brigades. and play the games...that's about it.
  7. so wjat do you do on Animeb??
  8. Hi! ^^
  9. umm... Hi!
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