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Conversation Between MasterKentaroShakeManye and Ebenezer Shittingway

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  1. You mother****er. I've missed you. Now cut the pony shit out, it makes me sad.
  2. <3 <3
  3. Nigger.
  4. It's pretty boss, just too damn short. Honestly, the entire story was probably only a little longer than ODST, which is a shame because the maps are ****ing huge, just never a lot going on inside them. Ending wasn't all that, but then again I read the book years ago so knew how it ended.. I'm not enough of a loser to unlock every piece of armour and reach whatever the highest rank is, so once the campaign was done there wasn't a lot for me to do.

    Anyways, I shall now draw you. Look forward to it.
  5. I love you more. Especially since you have Reach. I want that shit. BAD.
  6. I was away for a week doing warrior shit, then when I got back needed to pack for university, which still needs finishing. I just got reach, so need to play that for a bit just to be a douche. I'll draw you tonight or tomorrow, maybe.

    Much love brah.
  7. Hey I just want you to know you suck ass because you haven't made an art of me despite my repeated bitching.
  8. That's what I'm here for.
  9. I seem to have pressed the wrong damn button. Thats why. Thanks for noticing that shit.
  10. Why the cock are you friends with Sinisterone?!?!
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