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Conversation Between Miroku and hinarei

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  1. that's a sticky situation to be in No idea how much power you use, but at least they've not cut you off yet... I won't say any more though. I've not been in trouble with bills as yet, thank the Tan, and I hope never to be in that sort of situation.

    Happy Nude Year to you to Check the advent calendar
  2. I have a heater. It uses too much electricity! My family and I still owe the power company from using the heater last winter.

    The same to you, and a Happy Nude Year to boot!
  3. ha! cannot unsee

    Sorry you're struggling with your online presence, matey. Really like to see you on a bit more, up and contributing. Also, get a heater

    if I don't see you on before, have an 'appy Christmas
  4. Good eye sight!

    My time online is severely curtailed (by health and climate.... this computer room is an absolute icebox in the winter months). I still write the story I'm doing, but most of it is offline, and I only go on the 'puter to do the word processing.
  5. I spy a Village Idiot!

  6. get an IRC on at some point if you draw the line at MSN, but would like to have a chat at some point
  7. Just so you know, Kevin. i don't have any instant messenger installed on this computer rig. This time I'm on my own rig.

    Not too sure when I'll get around to putting MSN Messenger or even iRC at this point. Been busy lately.
  8. Lemons? Maybe in the future... it depends on which direction and at what pace the storyline goes into. Although considering the character (Hayate)and the crossover series (Hayate no Gotoku! & Rosario + Vampire) plus his obliviousness to how many females are in love with him it may take a while indeed! lol

    Times available? Hmm... for me, that would usually be from between 2-5PM EST most days, unless a doctor's appointment comes up (such as this Tuesday; have to go into the city and it's an all-day affair that >_<).
  9. writing? Any lemony stuffs you need a pre-reader for?

    Booking a time might be best bet at present... when're you free?
  10. No kidding.

    Seems lately the most time I have is for seeing the new series which pop up or doing some writing.
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