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Conversation Between momoyome and ShinNoNoir

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  1. Dyehard. I haven't heard from Shira in almost a year also, and I haven't heard from Dye in nearly three now. Wow, so long. :/
  2. Sadly i haven't been in contact with Shira for almost a year i believe, i need to write to her and get some news. Who's travis again?
  3. faecbook really sucks and the computer i'm working with doesn't respond well to facebook. :/ But i'll keep that in mind. I miss the old days, have you heard anything of Shira or Travis?
  4. I was gonna say it's gonna happen more often, but the truth is my vacation ends sunday, so once again i'll become a casual visitor. Drop me a line off facebook if you wish, i'm a bit more active over there.
  5. just saw you online and i had to say hello.
  6. ME? What did i do now
  7. you.
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