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    haven't seen you around in a while, mate. What's up?
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    Oh, you think your right?

    I get the odd feeling you didint read my entire post, but im used to that.

    HOW DID I ACT IN THE EXPOSER?!! I havent done any acts against anyone in exposer. WHen i first came on, i admit i was Naive, i admit i am still a little naive, but no longer trusting in BC's group.

    Hmm, how exactly am i supposed to take being called an undercover troll. I could just ignore it as ive said, but there is a major difference here. he said it behind my back, which is something i cant ignore. I can ignore it if they say it in front of me, because thats them telling the truth. Speaking behind others back is wrong. I didnt simply tell FB that BC can go get lost, i went and told him myself.

    I never said your resting, but i did say that your not waiting for a chance for action. You are all simply complaining and doing nothing. You are doing nothing because you dont htink anythign can be done, so you merely hide in your site and complain.

    No neutral has ever been able to truly escape from picking a side. There real goal is to hold out long enough before they have no choice but to pick. I havent picked anyside, i denounce both sides of being stubborn closeminded a-holes who cant drop the thing in the past and live their lives on. So you prove no point.

    If you doubted you were a reformer, ya wouldnt have started this in the first place. You would have either left me alone or you would have said that you werent sure which side to be on either. You arent even really a reformer, more like a lackey of BC. You jumped to his defense and called me a traitor before even finding my side out.

    Im not resting, i never rest easy. I will find a way to explain to BC that these are the types fo things keeping him this drama. It is what keeps giving him enemies.

    I will agree on this, neither of us have won, but you have conceded. You are ending ti merely because you are tired of arguing, not because you think you are right or youve made your point.

    Ive been answering with dead honesty the entire time. You just arent willing to listen to it because youve been in the BC camp for too long. All the reformers have, they dont even have the chance of hearing the other sides debates because the place is closed off to trolls, or is it people without free will?

    I wont worry about you, but i will worry about BC. Hes going to end up ruining his life if he continues to hang on to grugdes.

    And as for comrade, the way ive been treated, i am no comrade of yours.
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    Time for a clueless person to do better research....

    Correction, BC is the one who is hostile to FB. And its only when he brings things up from Exposer.

    He did no transplant anything. Another reason i was shifting Neutral was because I personally was starting to wonder abot BC being so worried about drama on animeyo.

    The opeing conditions on both sides wouldnt be fair, believe me. Our Job would be to try and find a compromise between both sides.

    No, but post them up slowly, dotn make big arguements, make small statements, and do your best not to say anything that will 100% get you banned. There are ways fo saying things even on the net that wont get you in trouble.

    I want it closed because it symbolizes continuing anger at something of the past. Grudges are not a healthy thing. Not only that, but keeping it up only further widens the gap between BC's friends in the past. They probally wouldnt have a problem becoming friends again, if only he could drop it and let the past go. He could still remeber what happened in the past, but he has no need to clutch it to his chest as if losing it would be terrible.

    Yes, when i came onto exposer in the first place i was very naive. Still am a bit, but not as much. And you cannot honetsly say you know EXACTLY what BC truly wants to do with Exposer.

    Anger is also a root yes, but it is also a by-product of the mistrust.

    I mean you as the whole side because since i sent the PM to BC you are the only Exposer person who has talked to me. Thus another reason i thought you were BC.

    To me the empire is more of a Joke then anything else, which it is. Youll also notice something else in there
    "Just in case nobody is swayed, it has already been decided just who will be forbidden from entering /emp/

    Josun "
    Im listed there, mainly because i dont get some of the humor, and because ive been known to cause limited Drama before. So im not on a friendly basis with the empire. Im more of an unwelcome guest wont leave.

    I am not, and never will be a spy. I rarely went and visited Exposer, mainly because i didnt think much about it. Occasionlly i went in to see if things had changed, but past the last recent activity with my attempt at neutraility did i do anything.

    And whats there reaaly to spy about? I never saw or read anything that sounded like some grand plan of any sort. The fact that you think of the word spy in the first place proves one of my points. The reformers of Exposer are more paranoid of those around them then anything else. Another reason why only reformer are allowed on. That way, they dont have to worry there "informing the enemy"

    The fact that you dont even try to think up ways to actually reform Animeb or even attempt to and simply sit around complaining and debating about how the admins are stupid rude jackasses proves also that you arent reformers.
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    Spy?!! SPY?! I did not ask FB anything about Exposer! He sent me a PM on animeyo telling me that BC's posts would still count despite being deleted in one of the brigades there. Then he showed me some of a conversation between him and BC. BC is the one who called me A spy you damn misinformed soldier! I only went and bit BC in the Ass after I was informed of this. The Least BC could have done was tell me personally, and now hes doing his best to get things over to his side.

    As in the last part, I am being PUSHED by your side. Mainly by BC. And as I said, he wasnt Bragging nor was I. He was merely telling me that i might want to avoid BC for a while. I choose the option of confronting him, which he didnt expect!

    I was making a point, if that is what i said. I was trying to state how closed to each sides opinions were. I wasnt saying theres no chance of you guys fixing the problem, though with what Im dealing with it seems like there isnt.

    And many famous reformers took action anyways. Only cowardly reformers or those who dont care dont do something. Its the same with Journalists. Som eo f this ages best Journalists but themselves at risk just to get the story. So dont go telling me there isnt anything you can do. Your group just wants everything to happen all at once, instead of working it up from a small level.

    They want it closed because you made a big deal out of it. And then you guys made a big deal out iof them wanting it closed. Its BC's website, the animeb Admins cant do anything to it, so why be bothered if they rant and rave till their red in the face and their heads pop off.

    Oh, so once again, even trying to get rid of a damn internet drama thats been going on for a year is being on the wrong side, being 'suspicious'? What kind of reformers are you?! Anything that dosent agree with you you call the enemy. Reminds me more of facist parties then anything else.

    No, the other two sides arent willing to cooperate because they cant stop disgreeing. Thats the thing that stops it. Anger is only a result of the stubborness both sides show. But its also the fact that the other side keeps getting reasons to disagree, namely in the form of people being pushed from your side into theirs simply because they didnt totally agree.

    Personally, I hope no one enters, because this is really a fight between me and your side. I stopped agreeing completely with everything on BC
    side, so he figured i was really a spy. So much for being a friend...

    I think ive figured out the real reason BC was banned. It was because he got upset when the admins didnt agree with an action he had taken, and he thought it was right. And since he disagreed so much, he caused drama and trouble, till he got banned. But he wasnt done with being angry over having someone tell him he was wrong. Thats exposer.

    Exposer is in reality Bc's continuing anger at being told he was wrong. He has Exposer closed so that people in the other side cant confuse 'new recruits'.

    Ya want 'suspicious'. ya want me to act like a spy? Because it is exposer and BC himself doing it. He didnt even have the guts to tell me himself. Your reformation is being led by the wrong man.
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    Give me what proof of my lying, and i might concede, on the basis its not one of BC's posts. The fact that we were friends and he calls me an undercover troll behind my back makes me less willing to believe him on things. And if ive done any swearing, its at both sides, not just one.

    And as for Neutrals going over to the other side? That may be because they keep being called the enemey. I will try to be Neutral, but after a while whats the poitn of being neutral when someone keeps calling you the bad guy.

    If me trying to attempt to stop the fighting and arguing between both sides makes me at fault, then I wont apologize, because i will have no reason.

    I try to be helpful and this is what it gets me? A friend lost, and multiple enemies? If anything, i was being the REAL reformer by trying to do something. Reformers dont just sit and wait and complain, they take action.

    .... because you keep giving them reasons? Ever think that may be the reason? Dont do anything that might get you banned.

    I am more of a reformer then even BC. I was stepping out of the hiding, ready to take the heat from BOTH sides, and try to bring an end to this. And as i said earlier, Third Parties and Neutrals tend to switch sides because one side is calling them the enemy. What point in helping them if they think your the bad guys. This creates the enemies. Its is BC's fault for even sending me into this state.

    I am on a rock that is barely balanced. one side is BC's, one is the 'flamers'. Right now, im leaning towards the flamers. I want to fix the balance, but i need the cooperation of both sides to do it.

    I find it funny, but i think people have started to wacth this debate. Wheres John Stewert when ya need him
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    I only have partial views of both sides, as I came in after Exposer was shut down. I have pretty good potential for being a good thrid party mediator, if it werent for the fact the leader of one side thinks im with the other. That was BC's mistake. If he wishes to rectify it, he may send me a full apology.

    Dont worry about them getting others. Let them do the warmongering, while you sit quietly on the side wacthing them set themselves up for defeat.

    Or perhabs many on your side are also closeminded? That could be why anything not on BC's side is regarded as flaming or trolling? I was moving to a neutral stance, and since it wasnt with his, perhabs he thought i was on the other side. Or perhabs it is because you are the ones causing trouble with things instead, and tohers are retaliating.

    How can you change things when your leader has closed the site to others down, how can you reform a site when it seems that monthly another Reformer is banned here on animeb, the forum the exposer supposedly wishes to reform? and as for being an outcast, your only an outcast if you make yourself one.

    Animeb is not a hidey hole or meeting place for those who hate him. Unless hating is the same thing as disagreeing. I have no intention of joining either side anymore, but if i am continuosly accused of being something im not, if I am rejected out of the closeminded hatred and anger fo someone, then I will end up joining the opposition, and I assure, i will do anything i can to help them.

    I prefer neutrality, but if i have no choice, I WILL set a side. And it wont be along BC's Side.
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    May i make the statement be known, I am technically still trying to play third party. Its hard to do though when the leader of one side thinks your the enemy.

    When it comes to the internet, you should defintely ignore things when it comes to insults, flaming, racism, etc. For one, that may not be who they really are. For another, they could just be trying to impress those they think are cool.

    I think what happened was that too many people who were in high positions got upset over something BC did (right or wrong) They are the real root of the problem. They outnumbered those who would have rather investigate things further. In the end, the minority of the admins had to cave in. Im pretty sure a few did try to do something to keep him from getting banned, but there efforts werent able to pass those who wanted him out.

    And may I ask an interesting question? What purpose does Exposer serve these days, being closed to all but those who BC trusts. Exposer is now only for reformers (which i am apperntly not anymore), but yet some of you are either banned from animeb, or choose not to go there anymore because of the corruption. Its just a hangoutor those who want to complain on something but cant do anything about it. If BC really wanted to reform animeb, hed find a way back in, and try to peacefully go about getting more power here the right way, along with his reformers, till they had the ability to make the reforms.
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    What you consider flaming is more serious arguments then BC ever offers. The admins are only rude to those who deserve it, mainly those who start or get into trouble. The admins were rude to me when i stated my being socialist in the SSF, but thats because i wasn continuously arguing with those who thought my ideal was idiotic. I should have simply ignored them.

    As for Nani and that other guy, you should have ignored them. They were doing it to rile him up. They are people who enjoy such things, they get a thrill when you respond.

    And if he started Exposer before getting banned... THEN THAT MIGHT BE A REASON WHY THEY ARE RUDE TO HIM!! There are nicer ways to critisize then the way BC does it, and if they dont accept or take your critique, let them. Its their choice to act that way.

    And do note, the letter was only after i was given information that BC thinks i am an undercover troll. He has gotten so paranoid of stalkers and flamers. If he hadnt done that, i would feel no anger towards him or those who support him.

    Do you think im a troll? Do you think im there to flame BC? Have any of my posts on exposer flamed or harrassed anyone, BC included. All i was trying to do was find a way to end the problem, and i get called an undercover troll.

    Talk about people being rude, i can now actually agree with the Admins and those others. BC is a Hypocrite. He speaks kindly only when others are around, but with others he speaks poorly of others.

    I give ya a warning, i expect he has similar thoughts of EACH reformer. If he doesnt know, he will later.
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    No, that is not the reason. Its the way you were phrasing things.

    That and the fact i expected only BC to know of the message. He has probally informed you, because i can think of no other reason for you calling me a traitor.

    In reality, i did nothing wrong, unless trying to end a one year argument over getting banned is something wrong.

    Thats the only reason Exposer exists. BC took the banning for too seriously, and went overboard in his anger at it. If BC handt been banned, there would be NO exposer.

    BC is too stubborn to let the past go. Its gonna ruin his life id he get let things just die over. Its internet drama, the thing he says he trys not to start.
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    Yeah, your Bobcat alright...

    You think im a traitor because i want to end the drama between your side and the side of the stalkers? You think im an underground troll because i want to end a years worth of fighting and to try and help mend past friendships?

    The only reason you have stalkers is BECAUSE you wont drop it. They only poke fun at it because it was something that happened in the past, time has moved on. They have merely been trying to find a way to get you to drop it.

    If you cant stop being stubborn, its gonna mess your life up.
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