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Conversation Between Mr.Anderson and hinarei

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  1. yeah, that's what I thought. I couldn't get to the next page neither. Some SQL gubbins, I think. Appears to be fixed with the upgrade though Tanks fer checkin'
  2. It looks fixed now. I saw the message, finally, on the next page. Though there was no next page the first 20 times I checked.
  3. hmm... nope that appears to be broken :/
  4. Did you delete your post in 'Are you still into Love Hina'?
  5. that's a lot of Suuness Always liked Samurai Suu Stirring up the dust without an industrial broom (or one from the Witches) might be tough, but I can give it a go
  6. Well, I dumped a lot of Suuness in ToT and updated the discussions (ok so they're called group discussions and not group thread thingies ). Be sure to check out the new tanness ^^. Let's see if we can stir some dust up there.

    I also raided the ASR and I'm still trying to get some activity in the Creative Corner, preferably around the Fanfic Brigade and I would like RP Inc to have a little jolt to. Any suggestions?
  7. Always happy to please, hina ^^
  8. if you can find anything half as juicy as that (or draw it!) then I'll be dribbling over it very quickly indeed
  9. (Why didn't 'Notifications' say I had a new profile message? O.o) I sure hope it does, else I'll just prepare some other juicy hina-bait as I used in the Ken Akamatsu thread
  10. buh.

    She's on a plate! O_o It looks like Kaolla has been captured and put on a commemorative plate! Chibi, even! That's a beautiful piccie, mate. I hope yours eventually meets with your expectations (when you've drawn it )

    Consolation prizes as good as this make waiting for gold medals and trophies so much more bearable
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