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Conversation Between RDKnightZac and Hellkite

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  1. hey man, how are you? sakura and i have just been online at animeb. she wants be online more than me lol. i let her, as she is so nice.
    and yes, you are right. ok. so, i will tell sakura then, ok? and you too. a good plan. hahaha
  2. I don't think making a new account is the best idea, simply for the fact that the admins and mods will recognize your IP Address. Anywho, if worse comes to worse, I'll just send messages to you via Sakura.
  3. i hope the same man. but if so, sakura will be ther. and i will make a new account, and just you know me then. hahaha
  4. That works I guess, I still hope you don't get banned though.
  5. hello man. well, i dunno why they make up such a big thing of it. anyway, if i get banned, i will tell sakura thats she send you messages for me. is this also ok?
  6. O_o I really hope you don't get banned... What makes an IP address suspicious? I thought it was either good or banable.
  7. Hello man! Cool. I hope you like her. She is a really nice girl. She is very polite, and has good manners, and is soft and warm hearted. I am sure, you become good friends!
  8. Today was rather interesting Kite, I got to meet Mrs. Sakura today, she seemed really nice! I don't know if I'll be on tomorrow though, my town's catching the flak of a tornado, but I hope to see you around soon regardless.
  9. That's cool
  10. Lol! Hello! Nice to hear you are fine! No, well, it is just, it is sooo boring here! And i have my own forum now. If you wanna jion it, i give you the link. sakura is there, david, CBHans1, Ako, and even josun.
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