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Conversation Between RDKnightZac and hinarei

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  1. hair loss? You're not supposed to start fires when you're in burning distance! burning rag on the end of a long pole, for preference Glad to hear you're bearing up OK. Hope it wasn't too serious?

    I'm busy with my house >< Inordinately busy. Boring, but needs to be done ^_^
  2. Things are well, I had a run in with some fire recently and I'm just getting over the burns and the hair loss. Apart from that though, everything is going fairly well, how about you?
  3. haven't seen you on in yonks o_O I mean, I haven't caught you, let's say that Got a couple things I want to throw at you shortly in PM, so expect a missive coming your way How're things?
  4. OK for IRC chattings?
  5. [action=hinarei]waves[/action]
  6. I'd never question a tackleglomp, was just curious is all. Anyways, what's going on? Anything interesting?
  7. does there need to be one? O_o Never question a tackleglomp
  8. I'm honored sir, what's the occasion?
  9. [action=Kaolla]tackleglomps Zac[/action]
  10. yeah, it has been quiet, from what I could gather. We're not exactly overflowing with activity even when i'm here though Still, keep plugging away

    Not a whole lot that I can tell in public, Zac Had a great time though, we went out at least every other day (weather wasn't always great), saw some wonderful scenery and just had a good rest, which is what we all needed
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