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Conversation Between s0k0_kit4ru and hinarei

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  1. I think I made a facebook account because of animeb, year or so ago. Not bothered with it since :/
  2. Are you on our facebook page :3 ? Mew!
  3. missed you too, s0k0. sorry to make you wait so long for a reply, me dear. I've been off for a long while coping with, y'know, life. not much of an excuse, but I'll be around a bit more often now I hope.
  4. *flops around* I missed you. :3 <3
  5. s0k0 has epic boobs o_O

    we've tried to jolly the place along, and keep things a bit fresher than they have been. If you've any opinion on the restructure or anything like that, I'd love to hear it.

    So... whatcha been up ta, where've you been and who... uh, what've you been doing? I want to hear the exciting escapades you've enjoyed while away from here
  6. My avatar is VERY epic =3
    It's good to be back, I missed you all. . .esp. mai hina hina
  7. WOW o_O Ish a s0k0! glad you popped in, me dear!

    How's things? How are the little ones (or not so little, now...)?

    Just how epic is your avatar?

    whatcha been up to?
  8. HKSS subforum don't exist, me dear! It's been merged with the Shinobu Brigade board to produce the happy marriage of the Shinobu Brigade Cartel All threads are prefixed so you can find 'em easy
  9. I should think so too
  10. There will be lots of little scrunchy faced baby pictures! (^^)
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