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Conversation Between ShinNoNoir and hinarei

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  1. Ding! Welcome back to the fold. To what do we owe this honour? I'd seen you listed as a recent visitor to my bog, and thought "that can't be right, he don't visit no more!"

    How's tricks?
  2. forum didn't save me this time. Guess I shouldn't pin my hopes on the Hammers doing well :/ Shame, because they lost out toward the end of the year, they'd had a great season
  3. Well well well.. who would have guessed.. lol XD
  4. As if I have time for Facebook no, never used it, don't intend to

    Keep at it, and I hope you get a chance to be more active I look forward to it. Also, make sure you do the Kaolla kwiz:

    ...once I finish adding all the questions, that is... watch this space.
  5. Well i did spend one of the 2 weeks posting here. I'll try to keep at it ^^;; - Are you on Facebook? is so, i could send you links to my vacation picts.
  6. I want to have Goofy pat me on the head

    Excellent news, but a shame you couldn't spend your vacation on here I guess this means back to the lurking normality, eh?
  7. My 2 week vacation is ending today actually, hope you have a great time. I was at Disney World for my first week, had fun!
  8. I r not THE hina. There are others :O But I am the reason 'Love Hina' is so-called

    not so bad, matey. Got a week off this week, so looking forward to that. Yourself?
  9. How is "THE" Hina doing?
  10. good on yer. Hope to see that improve though Sorry to hear about your computer troubles and good to see you're over them now. Work's tough, so life is relatively busy (today especially, since it's Mothers Day ) but we'll get by.

    been enjoying many watermelons lately?
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