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Conversation Between Shinobu Angel and 'Silas

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  1. Riiiight...
  2. I really didn't do that wittingly.
  3. Oh you evil you! Logging off when I log on >:/
  4. This one: in white
    Also you should come online, now that I'm on vacation I'm actually up late anyway.
  5. I need to, need I? I suppose I should come online so you may serenade me with it. What kind of piano?!
  6. Yes yes yes :/ Perhaps you should move Canada closer to Europe so you'd be in another timezone.
    Also you need to hear my new piano.
  7. Because whenever I log on, nobody is ever on. I come on once in a while, but have a hard time bothering with it... If I know people want to chat, then I'll make an effort, but you come on at such random times, I never see *you*

    P.S: Olafur!
  8. Why are you never on msn :'((
  9. As betong said, get more on msn
  10. I am still expecting my (Chopin) Fantaisie-Impromptu.
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