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Conversation Between Shinobu Angel and

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  1. lol, indeed. Hope they're fun for you to run. The 2nd part of the process of holding the awards is... I don't know if its suits you, but, its "to bug people to vote until they know what you're gonna tell them before you say anything" . Oh, and also, to bug people who don't frequent here much anymore to come and vote as well
  2. I did it!

    (So easy! I always worry I'll mess things up somehow when I do things for the first time. XD)
  3. Well, you just have to check out the previous threads, its all there . Basically start the thread and put the categories and ask people to submit their votes before a given date.
  4. I have never done them before. Can somebody help me? I know this is quite dunce-esque asking.
  5. Are they on NOW? Lol. Where is my mind (part II).
  6. Hello, Gori wanted me to deliver a message for you
    "Yonathen | Isn't it ironic | when you reach your destination | you realize that the journey towards it is much more pleasing says (3:36 PM):
    thnx, say hi to everyone for me
    oh also, tell Chey to get her butt on the animeb awards, i am sure she didn't do it yet
    okay bye man
  7. Ah i wouldn't know, i really have to love an anime in order for me to read its manga (although for love hina, i read the manga first). But I agree though, generally manga is better since it includes loads of more content than anime.

    Watching anime with fanservice can be awkward at times, specially if you're watching it and someone walks by and sees it (which can be like, a one ocassion "service" and then they'll say you watch erotic chinese cartoons...) oh, and this definitely has not happened to me, no no, definitely not.
  8. All are more tolerable in the manga I think. /hates being a manga supremist

    I don't mind, as long as that is not all it is -- I mean if it's funny or has good characters/plot, it's not too much of a problem for me. reverse harems actually tend to irk me more. Ouran is one of the few who didn't, for some reason. A bunch of sparkly pretty boys are usually not something that makes me want to watch. XD
  9. Indeed. Well, yeah, FB was a bit awkward to watch too, but it had some funny moments. The kyo guy was pretty annoying, the other one (forgot his name) was annoying as well, ha, i think the only cool guy there was shigure(? i think it was the dog).

    Do you mind watching anime with the equivalent fanservice of say ouran but for guys?
  10. Ahaha, yeah, copious amounts of yaoi fanservice in Ouran. XD It actually made me uncomfortable too a bit.

    With FB, I could never stand the anime. I don't know -- it seemed like the anime made all the characters more unlikeable.. then there was that weird ending. The manga version I love though, and I actually know guys that like that version.
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