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Conversation Between Shinobu Angel and .dearestshadows

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  1. Where did you go to. DUDE. MARK. MAAARK.

    Did they think these walls could hide you? Even now I'm at your window.
  2. Hullo, Chey chan.
  3. You should post sometimes. *pouts*
  4. How come you appear. then disappear, then appear, then disappear again? Such a lurker, Mark. Lurker Lurker Lurker! XD
  5. I hope you are well ^_^
  6. Sorry I didn't get to sing Happy B-day to you. I will soon, I promise ^^;;. And my mom said the thing we talked about would be fine. You're always welcome. She remembers your christmas card to me lol
  7. Miss you.
  8. e_____e
  9. Ah, I usually get on in the morning between the hours of 9 and 11am. I work between 3pm and 3am. So, I try to talk to everyone in the morning. Sometimes, I sign in to msn on my cell. You can always contact me by that. I don't get charged anyway. (:
  10. Yeah! Sorry about that. When are you going to be online again..??
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