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Conversation Between Shinobu Angel and Katajainen

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  1. I read all of your Emma reviews! Great! I am glad you are reading it. It's a slow-paced story, but it has a lot of heart.
  2. I was already wondering whether you had gone on a long hiatus.

    I reviewed "Emma" further on my blog, don't know if you noticed. Now I have left the series pending until I have the time to go and buy the rest.
  3. Just so you know, I and Betong have continued the discussion about "Emma" in my blog comments.
  4. Heh, I've been ranting about it 'cause it's been colder than usual.

    This country ranges from the 60th latitude to the 70th, with varying distances to the nearest sea coast and the relative proximity of the Gulf Stream affecting local temperatures.

    Having lived in and visited different parts of the country, I have experienced temperatures from +30 C to -40 C here. In calm weather, I can easily adjust to most of that. My temperatures of preference are +15 C to +25 C for summer and -5 C to -15 C for wintertime, with -20 C and colder giving something of an exotic feeling. I hate the cold sea wind frequently occurring here on the coast, as well as the hotter summer days when the indoors temperature rises above +25 C.

    What about your province?
  5. How is the weather in Finland Kata? What is it usually like??? I get the cold impression. I am not familiar.
  6. Pudding-chan! What would you like to chat about?

    I have, among other things, studied the magical world of Gensōkyō quite a bit. Awesomeness.
  7. Hi! ~ Long time no speak. <:
  8. I do, don't I? Good idea on that! I think I will start an album, because I've actually lost most (see: all) of my old ones. >:
  9. Dear Vanilla Pudding, you change your avatar so often nowadays! I miss some of the past ones. Please consider compiling an avy album, like Tox has done!
  10. I love that letter! I've also seen Ryo Misaki use it for his : smiley.
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